Kyrie 4 ‘Day of the Dead’ Matching T-Shirt BLACK


We’ve brought out the Kyrie 4 ‘Day of the Dead’ in a BLACK t-shirt colorway to match your new sneakers. This is an all-purpose tee that is fire both on and off the courts!

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It’s sneaker season which means it’s time to bring out the Kyrie 4 ‘Day of the Dead’ matching t-shirt in BLACK.

Wait a minute… it’s always sneaker season! 12 months out of the year is a good time to rock the new Kyrie 4’s.

A black t-shirt to match your ‘Day of the Dead’ sneakers will go a long way. Whether you’re in school or on the black top, this tee will match any occasion you find for it.

Heck, you could even wear it at your grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. She might give you a little look of disappointment, but what good is a family get together without some drama?

This Kyrie 4 matching black tee will have your friends asking where you got it. Got it?

We also have a this t-shirt in a red colorway. Check it out if you want to stunt even harder.

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